Korea Recreational Vehicle Industry Association


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Korea Recreational Vehicle Industry Association

KRVIA President권민재

The KRVIA was established to discover various programs to create Korea's recreational car culture, expand it to a wider popular culture, and improve industrial competitiveness through industrial research and technological cooperation.

The KRVIA is Korea's representative RV association composed of member companies that are engaged in the manufacture and import of recreational vehicle industry and handle RV parts.
In addition, we will conduct exchange and cooperation projects with domestic and foreign related organizations to advance overseas and enhance industrial value through strategic alliances between the Korea Recreational Vehicle Association and domestic and foreign organizations.

The association will play a pivotal role in the proper growth and development of RV culture in Korea so that the public enjoying RV culture, member companies, and related organizations can coexist.

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The association will take the lead so that the Korea's recreational vehicle culture can be expanded into a wider popular culture through the discovery and development of various programs.

  • 2022
  • January
    Inaugural general meeting
  • 2021
  • January
    Recruitment of establishment approvers and 1st preparatory meeting
    Recruitment of establishment approvers and 2nd preparatory meeting
  • 2020
  • October
    Formed the establishment promotion team
  • 2019
  • December
    Launched 3rd executive branch
  • 2017
  • April
    Launched 2nd executive branch
  • 2015
  • April
    Founded (private organization)