Korea Recreational Vehicle Industry Association

Main Business

Survey, research on the status of recreational vehicle industry
  • Required to understand the industrial structure and trends for the development of recreational vehicle culture and industry in Korea
  • Suggested development plans for the Korea recreational vehicle industry related systems and laws through surveys and academic research on recreational vehicle industry statistics, industry scope, etc.
Establishment, education, and publication of technical standards related to recreational vehicles
  • Established standards to improve the quality of recreational vehicle standards and protect industry due to low activity to develop standards in the Korean industry
System improvement and policy proposal for the promotion of the recreational vehicle industry
  • Improved policies, laws and systems to foster and promote the recreational vehicle industry
Held and promoted recreational vehicle related exhibitions and various events
  • Expansion of the overall recreational vehicle industry by displaying eco-friendly parts for campers, caravans, and campers
  • PR activities for the development of the domestic recreational vehicle industry
Exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign related organizations
  • Strategic alliance between the Korea Recreational Vehicle Association and domestic and foreign organizations to advance overseas and enhance industrial value
Other vehicle-related business required to achieve the purpose of this Association